Mental Health Week - 5 Tips
May 11, 2021

It’s mental health week this week, time to focus on how you feel and make sure you’re looking after your mind.

We’re all guilty of, at some point or another, neglecting our mental health in order to ‘get things done’ risking a burn out and exhaustion. Take this week to re-focus, re-align your priorities and make some positive changes to your daily routine that will safeguard your mental health.

Five Days, Five Tips - Five top tips for better mental wellbeing.

One - Take a break

Never underestimate how important it is to give your mind a bit of ‘free-time’ away from the often intense pressures of balancing work and general life. Breaks come in so many forms, from 10 minutes weeding the garden after an intense work call to holidays and mini-breaks.

Breaks should be something to look forward to, something that make you more productive on your return and never something that you feel guilty about taking.

Two - Ask for Help

It is impossible to know and do absolutely everything (although many of us do a very good job of trying to!). No one is superhuman and everyone should feel that they can ask for help.

It is important that we all realize that asking for help does not show weakness, in fact it shows courage and awareness, it is a strength and demonstrates how committed you are to making a success of yourself both at work and in general life. If you are struggling, tell someone, ask them for assistance or advice. You’ll be surprised how many people have been in your situation and how many can help with just a simple conversation.

Three - Do something you're good at

We can’t always immediately achieve what we set out to do and sometimes this can really damage our confidence. It is so important that you embrace this hurdle and don’t let it affect how willing you are to try again.

To give yourself a boost remind yourself how talented and capable you are by doing something you are good at. Fix a problem, come up with a new idea or simply make someone laugh and you’ll soon find yourself ready to re address your challenge head on.

Four - Accept who you are

Comparing yourself to others isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it can drive you to improve, learn more and be better at what you do, after all we all need an inspiration. However,comparisons with others are only healthy when you accept your own individuality and appreciate the inspiration you also give to others.

Accepting that everyone is different and has something unique to bring to the party is enlightening.

Five - Keep connected

As humans, we have a natural desire to interact and maintain relationships with others. Aside from the obvious conscious effects of having interaction with others, the sub conscious effects are powerful boosters for mental health.

Keeping connected with others provides self worth and a sense of belonging whilst the emotional support you gain from just knowing you have people ‘around’ is something many often underestimate.