Customer Q and A
March 25, 2021

We at Innova pride ourselves on working closely with customers to understand their specific pain points and goals so that we can better help with mitigation and success. We think it is useful to look at the technological environment from the IT Manager viewpoint and focus on the services and technologies they value most. We asked our customers for their thoughts, and with their permission, have recorded responses.

Below are the thoughts of an IT Manager based in London, company is approximately 100 users.

What do you see as your greatest challenge in your role? – The challenge for me is to ensure that the users have the freedom and flexibility to work effectively and securely from multiple locations and devices.

Do you use Cloud services?  - Yes. In addition to Office 365, we have moved our infrastructure to a private cloud environment provided by our support provider and are currently moving our operational divisions onto Salesforce.

Pros and Cons of Cloud? – Cons, complete reliance on others to keep us up and running and the fact that you are on a "shared" platform/resources with others, potential costs over a longer period of time. Pros, in Covid times it would have been difficult to keep the business running as smoothly as we did. End users didn’t notice a difference between working from home or from the office. Easy to add resources/relocate.

What is the best improvement you have made over the last three years? - Moved infrastructure to private cloud

What is the most useful technology change over the last 5 years? – The most interesting possibilities seem to be around artificial intelligence

What is the most effective way of improving infrastructure security? – For me it was engaging with a reliable IT support company

What do you find as the most effective way of motivating your team? – An agile approach to projects seems to make my team members feel empowered, but what is specifically in every project for them seems to be the winning point/argument.

What do you look for in an IT service provider? – Capable of taking ownership of an issue and not having to rely on me to manage what they are well qualified to do.