Customer Q and A
July 22, 2021

We at Innova pride ourselves on working closely with customers to understand their specific pain points and goals so that we can better help with mitigation and success. We think it is useful to look at the technological environment from the IT Manager viewpoint and focus on the services and technologies they value most. We asked our customers for their thoughts, and with their permission, have recorded responses.

Below are the thoughts of a Director of Finance based in London, company is approximately 30 users.

What do you see asyour greatest challenge in your role? - As we have no internal IT staff it is difficult to keep up with technology and security requirements. It can also be problemtic keeping staff happy without on the ground in-house IT support. Consequently we rely heavily on our IT provider to assist us in day to day support of our staff and recommendations and implementations for our infrastructure.

Do you use Cloud services? - Some, but we intend to move our servers to the cloud soon. As our infrastructure hardware was in need of replacement we investigated the benefits of renewing on site or moving to a cloud solution.

Cloud pros and cons? - Predictable costs, no need for server room. We are also moving offices in the near future and the migration to cloud removes one of the associated headaches.

What is the best improvement you have made over the last three years? - Migration to Office 365, issue of laptops to all staff and mobile device management.

What do you lookfor is an IT service provider? - Easy to contact, good service, explains in simple terms and proactive.