5 Reasons to Consider MSP Services
May 26, 2021

5 Reasons to Consider MSP Services

We have discussions with many businesses seeking our assistance. These discussions are wide ranging but typically a few points crop up, so I thought it would be beneficial to cover some of those here.

Hopefully the below also cover some of the questions you may have, and as always our friendly and helpful team are around to answer anything else and discuss further.

Improve User Experience

Running an IT department is never easy. Covering many areas can stretch your resources, possibly to breaking point. Having to focus on, and have the appropriate resources for, user support, infrastructure support, networking, projects, security, improvement design and implementation etc can often lead to neglect or lack of efficiency in certain areas.

By partnering with an MSP like Innova you can be confident that one or more areas of your business are looked after, leaving you to concentrate on other things.

We operate as an extension to your internal team. Our method of working ensures reliable and effective communication between relevant teams so that we work with you as a single entity.

Outsourcing will not result in any drop in service levels. We work to agreed SLAs and endeavour to surpass them.

Increased Security

As we have a wide portfolio of customers we can easily engage expertise in more niche areas of infrastructure providing you with a complete support offering to the business.

In technology areas such as security and networking, where good resources can be expensive, we can provide the expertise to bolster your internal team.

Access to Accreditations

Business accreditations can often improve the profile of your organisation. We provide the skills for our customer base to achieve accreditations from Cyber Essentials to ISO. These accreditation’s are becoming mandatory in certain scenarios and not having them may be preventing your business from growing.

Partnering with the Innova compliance team can help you gain these accreditations and, more importantly, operate your business to an effective model.

Extend Offerings

For many businesses, providing a service such as a 24*7 helpdesk is difficult. Having engineers working overnight, pro-actively, as opposed to being woken up by a rota system is a costly scenario.

Customers have partnered with Innova so they can offer Outof Hours lights on support for their users and infrastructure, without the significant investment cost of internal staffing. With a Support Pod wide awake and ready to help you and your users you have enhanced your services to the business.

Extending your service to the business doesn’t end with out of hours, we provide many services to customers including infrastructure and solution design, compliance engagements and projects. Scenarios which traditionally need internal investment or are put on hold can now be delivered cost effectively and further increase your ability to deliver IT services to your business.

Improve Operational Maturity

Operational maturity is something not always considered.

By partnering with Innova, you are working with a company that has ISO frameworks and ITIL policies in place. You get the benefit of a wide range of operational procedures and policies. Change Control, for example, ensures that at least two peers have signed off work before it takes place. This one small step can often ensure that critical work is reviewed prior to taking place, mitigating any unnecessary downtime. This is just one of many processes that operational maturity brings, delivering the best possible service, in a consistent manner, to your business.

There are many reasons why outsourcing aspects of IT is a good fit for businesses. There are more mature industries, such as manufacturing, where outsourcing aspects of the process is normal and effective. The idea of giving a business partner a particular task they are perfectly setup to do and letting them do it really well, is something that some of the largest companies in the world have embraced for many years.

It is a model that also fits very well with the delivery of IT services.